Axion Call Center

Inbound and Outbound Call Programs

Having, successfully partnered with similar clients/organizations, it is our belief that AXION Contact can provide programs , resources and tools that historically have proven to be essential to our partners

A few key factors to consider that we can provide at Axion Contact:

-Higher than industry standard for contact / engagement rates
-Strategic Staff Optimization Based on projected fluctuations in call volume
-Results Driven culture
-Phone lines 24/7/365, as well as time zone specific
-Brand Expert / Team focused approach
-Reasonable timeline to establish program implementation
-Complete project management from Design to Completion
-Creative Telemarketing Programs
-Answering Service

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To learn more about our Call Centers call:

Christine Swan | Vice President | Axion Healthcare
p. 610.825.2487 | f. 610.771.4136